Created in 1946 in Normandy, Fléchard, is currently one of the leading European players in the transformation of milk fat. Known to be the baker’s preferred brand of butter Fléchard has been partnering with businesses in 5 different continents for over 70 years. Butler Selection Butter Blend Le Grand Tourage 82 Butter Sheet Petit Normand […]


DLA Naturals is known to provide a range of products and services for professional pastry chefs and bakers. DLA Ube DLA Ube can Lafruta Mango 50 Lafruta Blueberry 50 Lafruta Strawberry 50 Lafruta Red Cherry 50_630g Lafruta Blueberry 30 Lafruta Apple 50 630g Frutadecor Strawberry 30 Frutadecor Blueberry 30 Rolled Red Fondant Dough 1kg Rolled […]

Crémière de France

Crémière de France is a pioneer in well-made dairy products from France for 5 decades now. Semi Skimmed Milk 1L Whole Cream Milk 1L


A product line from Italy, Castelvetere sources the finest produce to create top-grade oils that serves different food service partners. Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5L Pomace Olive Oil 5L Pure Olive Oil 5L


Proudly a Global Pacific house brand, Bravo specializes in the finest bakery ingredients made from raw materials sourced from different parts of the world. All Milk Whipping Cream Butter Blend Fats and Oil

Beryl’s Gourmet

Beryl’s gourmet offers a range of fine chocolate that caters to professional chocolatiers, hotels, restaurants and caterers around the world. Manufactured in Malaysia, Beryl’s chocolates are made from premium quality of West African cocoa beans suitable for confectionery, baking and coating applications. All Chocolates Chocolate Blend Chocolate Mix Beryl’s Dark Couverture Chocolate Coins 75_ 2kg […]


Bakedream is the world’s top manufacturer of yeast and bread improver, which provides solution for baking an seasoning. Instant Dry Yeast 500g


One of the leading potato processors in the world. Aviko is the European market leader in frozen potato products. Aviko potato products provide endless variations to your meals and enable you to always set a tempting dish on the table. Every potato processed at Aviko undergoes a series of quality control, starting with the selection […]


Arla Pro is a dedicated food service business of the global dairy cooperative, Arla Foods. It provides a range of products from renowned dairy brands that cater to every professional need. Standards of quality, taste, and performance are consistently high throughout. All Milk Whipping Cream Cheeses Butter Low-fat Milk Full-cream Milk Whipping Cream High-stability Whipping […]